Pianist, hammondist, keyboardist, composer and music producer Gianluca Di Ienno is one of the most appreciated musician in the Italian scene for his inventive, versatility, sensitivity and the ability to contribute with personal aesthetics in a wide range of musical genres and scenarios. Along the years, he performed in several important venues as Kamani Auditorium (New Dehli, India), Mazda Hall Pune (Bombay, India), Savoy Teattery in Helsinki (Finland), Mohammed V Theathre in Rabat (Morocco), Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Auditorio Diego Torres in Cordoba (Argentina), Radisson Hall in Montevideo (Uruguay). He performed jazz clubs like Blue Note (Milan), Casa Del Jazz (Rome), AMR (Geneve, Swisse), LAC Arte e Cultura (Lugano, Swisse), Jazz In Bess (Lugano, Swisse), Jimmy Glass (Valencia, Spain), Jazz Club Girona (Spain), De Bovenkamer (Utrecht, Netherlands), Archiduq (Brussels, Belgium), Hopper (Antwerp, Belgium), Steinway Hall Dusseldorf (Germany), Fenix Music Hall (Rotterdam), Jazz Ahead at Swissotel Hall (Bremen, Germany), Radio Koper Live (Capodistria, Croatia), Prulcek Lubjiana (Slovenia), Book Of Jazz in Bucharest (Romania) and many other across italy or in New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Den Hague, San Francisco, Casablanca. He performed in many important italian jazz festival: Torino Jazz Festival, Padova Jazz Festival, Matera Jazz, Fano Jazz, Napoli Jazz Winter, Nuoro Jazz, Jazz Expo Cagliari, Pozzuoli Jazz, Piacenza Jazz Festival, MITO Milano, Ritmo Delle Città, V. Celimontana, Bergamo Jazz Festival, Bologna Jazz Festival. He is also involved in music production.

As a performer and producer

He produced the albums: “Gliders” (a  jazz-contemporary  quartet, featuring Fulvio Sigurtà, Giulio Corini, Alessandro Rossi; Abeat/MitsuhideMusic 2018); “Shifting Thoughts” (by Keys Trio, electric-experimental, an  hard mixture of  IDM, acoustic, digital, synth pop, hammond and total-improvisation; Abeat 2016), “These Days” (by Release-3, the debut album in piano trio; Abeat 2013). At this time he’s developing original music and composing for dBus,  an experimental combo around Debussy’s music, a personal view about symbolism in music that performed in 2015 in Santa Maria Gualtieri Pavia and Stone Of Awareness, his latest piano, trio with Nicola Angelucci on drums and Gabriele Evangelista on double bass. As a coleader he’s involved in Picoduet, an acoustic crossover piano-guitar with Nicola Oliva, focusing on pop music and improvisation (“Tornando”, Dase Sound Lab / AdS, 2009); in Pianologues is a classical-and-jazz piano duo with impro with the great Hanna Shybayeva.  As a studio sideman, live performer or music producer he recorded for Sony, BMG, Universal, RTI-Medusa, Kromaki, CAM Jazz, Tuk Music, Abeat, Dodicilune, Dot Time Records, Irma Records. In jazz and improvised music he recorded about 20 albums as a sideman on piano, hammond or keys, sharing  studios or  stage in combos with Randy Brecker, Perico Sambeat, Franco Ambrosetti, John O’Gallagher, Roberto Gatto, Paolo Fresu, Rosario Giuliani, Mattia Cigalini, Giovanni Falzone, Bebo Ferra, Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata, Fabrizio Sferra, Giovanni Falzone, Nico Gori, Bjørn Solli, Byron Landham, Yuri Goloubev, Asaf Srkis, Fulvio Sigurtà, Mauro Negri, Tino Tracanna, Andrea Dulbecco, Daniele Cordisco, Stefano Bagnoli, Max Furian, Nicola Angelucci, George Robert, Ada Rovatti and more.


He started playing music at 3 years old on a Elka transistor organ and studied electronic keyboards starting at 6. At 12 he started to study classical piano and music theory. He got the degree in Jazz Music (Conservatorio Verdi, Milan, 110/110 cum laude) in 2013, the C.P.M. Jazz Master degree (10/10) in 2004 and a the lower degree in classical piano in 1994. He also studied jazz music with masters in Siena Jazz International Summer Workshop like Kenny Werner, John Taylor, Franco D’Andrea, Scott Colley. He also spent time studying in NYC in lessons held by Fred Hersch, Sam Yahel, Larry Goldings.

In 2017 he founded Mitsuhide Music company, a small crew of producers, songwriters and performer based in Milan, working in a wide range of projects. In 2018 the MU74 new location in Milan get started in music production and artist production.

Pianista, organista, compositore, produttore. Inizia gli studi musicali a soli 3 anni su tastiere e a 6 su organo elettronico. Da giovanissimo partecipa e vince diversi concorsi dedicati all’organo elettronico (Concorso per giovani musicisti di Recanati, Concorso per giovani musicisti Castelfidardo, Concorso internazionale per giovani organisti Pescara), solo successivamente consegue diploma in pianoforte principale presso conservatorio Umberto Giordano di Foggia. Nel 2004 si diploma in Alto Perfezionamento jazz presso il CPM di Milano sotto la guida del M.tro Franco D’Andrea, con il massimo dei voti (10/10). Nel 2007 è terzo classificato all’XI edizione del premio internazionale “Massimo Urbani” e nel 2008 è vincitore con il suo trio del Concorso per Formazioni emergenti indetto dal Jazz Club Bergamo. Presso i seminari internazionali di Siena Jazz ottiene borsa di studio al merito per la St. Louis di Roma. Ottiene il diploma di primo livello in Musica Jazz presso il Conservatorio “G. Verdi” di Milano con 110 e lode. Negli anni ha la possibilità di incontrare e studiare con John Taylor, Fred Hersch, Sam Yahel, Kenny Werner, Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer. Apprezzato sideman, ha avuto la possibilità di suonare in rassegne o registrare – sia al piano che all’organo hammond – con Franco Ambrosetti, Perico Sambeat, Paolo Fresu, Bebo Ferra, Randy Brecker, Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Emanuele Cisi, Max Ionata, John O’Gallagher, Mattia Cigalini, Fabrizio Sferra, Giovanni Falzone, Andrea Dulbecco, Mauro Negri, Tino Tracanna, Nico Gori, Gianni Cazzola, Stefano Bagnoli, Max Furian, Bjørn Solli, Yuri Goloubev, Asaf Srkis, Emilio Soana, Ada Rovatti, George Robert, Mark Nightingale (…). Ha registrato per Cam Jazz, Dodicilune, Abeat Records, Irma Records. Si è esibito in diverse rassegne e festival di musica jazz quali Jazzahead Breme, LAC Lugano, Ascona Jazz, Mendrisio Jazz, Jazz at Savoy Theather di Helsinki (FI), Kamani Auditorium di Nuova Dehli, Mohammed V di Rabat (Marocco), Recoleta Cultural Center Buenos Aires (AR), Radisson Hall di Montevideo (Uruguay), Prulcek Lubjiana (SLO), Live at Radio Koper (CR), Belcampo Amsterdam (NE), Fenix Music Hall Rotterdam (NE), Sithoff Leiden (NE), Murphy’s Law Den Haag, Downtown di Berklee/San Francisco, Book of Jazz Bucarest (RO), Piecart Cracow (PO), Heliogabal Barcelona e Jazz Club Girona (ES), AMR Ginevra (SW), Schaffhauser Jazz Festival (SW), Festival Une Etè a Bourges (FR), Steinway Haus Dusseldorf (DE), Jimmy Glass Valencia (ES), Hopper Antwerp (BE), Archiduq, Roskam e La Maschine Brussel (BE), Sunset Paris (FR) ed in Italia quali Jazz-Mi, MITO Milano, Pianocity Milano, Torino Jazz Festival, Firenze Fringe Jazz Festival, Casa Del Jazz Roma, Cagliari Jazz EXPO, Nuoro Jazz, Pozzuoli Jazz, Padova Jazz Festival, Lucca Donna in Jazz, Locomotive Jazz Festival, Trentino Jazz Festival, Napoli Jazz Winter, Piacenza Jazz Festival, Siracusa Jazz e nei diversi jazz club nazionali. Ha registrato circa 20 dischi di musica jazz e musica improvvisata nelle sue diverse forme e all’attività artistica affianca quella di produttore musicale e sound designer attraverso il contenitore Mitsuhide Music, licenziando materiale musicale e proprie produzioni nel settore cinema, advertising e brand design. Nel 2018 fonda l’etichetta MU74, nell’omonimo spazio sito in Milano. In ambito pop e musica leggera vanta crediti in veste di sideman in diverse produzioni live e in studio.



Giovanni Falzone Border Trio – Woodstock One Day More
Renato Podesta – Foolish Little Dreams
Shifting Thoughts
Simona Parrinello – Con Alma
Mattia Cigalini – Astrea
Bebo Ferra Voltage
dBus Live At Santa Maria Gualtieri
Pianologues Live at Aula del Quattrocento
Stefano Bagnoli – Other Side
Radio Koper live and interview
Camilla Battaglia on Hunger And Love
These Days
Max Furian – L’Equibrista
Specs People – Ferra-Diienno-Furian
Picoduet – Tornando
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