Pianist, hammondist, keyboardist, composer and music producer Gianluca Di Ienno represent one of talented musician in the Italian scene for his sensitivity, a personal aesthetics and the ability to contribute in a wide range of musical genres and scenarios

Gianluca Di Ienno has been part in about 25 recordings, as a sideman for the labels Tuk Music, Irma Records, Cam Jazz, Dodicilune, Abeat Records, Ultrasound Records, Dot Time Records, MU74. His music was licensed for Abeat Records, RTI-Medusa, Kromaki, Sony-BMG, Universal. He released four albums as a leader and co-leader. Gliders (Abeat, Mitsuhide Music, 2018) a jazz-contemporary  acoustic quartet with trumpeter Fulvio Sigurtà, double bassist Giulio Corini and drummer Alessandro Rossi. Shifting Thoughts (Abeat, 2016) performed by Keys Trio, with Massimiliano Milesi on tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone and Alessandro Rossi on drums: the album is a fearless electric-experimentation path, with a hard mixture of  IDM, acoustic, digital, synth pop, hammond and total-improvisations; These Days (Abeat, 2013) with the Release-3 trio as the debut album in piano trio, with Alex Orciari on boule bass, Matteo Rebulla on drums, Bebo Ferra and Simona Parrinello as guests. Tornando (Dase SoundLab, Accademia Del suono, 2009), a piano-guitar duo with the skilled and talented Nicola Oliva in a jazz and improvised pop and folk sonic key, approaching both acoustic instruments and synthesizer. In jazz, instrumental and improvised music he shared studio or stage with Paolo Fresu, Randy Brecker, Perico Sambeat, Stefano Di Battista, Bebo Ferra, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Falzone, Franco Ambrosetti, Max Ionata, Emanuele Cisi, Roberto Gatto, Rosario Giuliani, Nico Gori, Mattia Cigalini, Mauro Negri, Tino Tracanna, Andrea Dulbecco, Max Furian, Enzo Zirilli, John O’Gallagher, Bjørn Solli, Byron Landham, Yuri Goloubev, Asaf Sirkis, Fabrizio Sferra, Ada Rovatti, Fulvio Sigurtà, Tony Arco, Luigi Tessarollo, Pierrick Pedron, George Robert (…)He also shared music with Fabio Concato, Angelo Branduardi, Ivan Segreto, Andrea Mirò, Davide Shorty, Karima, Demo Morselli.

Bands, Venues, Performing

With the four hands project Pianologues (shared with the great classical talented pianist Hanna Shnybayeva) he played piano in Steinway Hall Dusseldorf (Germany), Fenix Music Hall (Rotterdam), Sithoff (Leiden, NE), De Bovenkamer (Utrecht, Netherlands), Aula del Quattrocento (Pavia) and Pinacoteca di Brera (Milano). Between 2004 and 2009 he made several concerts around the globe with Pavia Jazz Orchestrasponsored combo by foundations, province and municipality of Pavia; the band reached several rare stages as Kamani Auditorium (New Dehli, India), Mazda Hall Pune (Bombay, India), Savoy Teattery in Helsinki (Finland), Italian Consulate Hall Opatija (Croatia)Mohammed V Theathre in Rabat (Morocco), Radisson Concert Hall Montevideo (Uruguay), Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Auditorio Diego Torres in Cordoba (Argentina). As a bandleader or with his own projects he performed in several important venues and festivals. Could be mentioned 4 editions of Pianocity Milano (duo with pianologues, four hands with Claudio Filippini and solo), JazzMI (Milano), Area-M (Milano), Radio Koper Live (Koper), Stresa Festival, Trentino Jazz Festival, Biella Jazz Club, Jazz In Bess (Lugano), Bergamo Jazz Festival, Parma Jazz Club, Festival Bicentenario Shnumann-Chopin Conservatorio Milano, Piacenza Jazz Festival, Sunset Jazz Club (Girona, ES), Archiduq (Brussels), Cafe Belcampo (Amsterdam), Prulcek (Lubjiana), Book Of 27-BFlat (Brugge), Murphy’s Law (Den Haag, NE), KulturCafee Noordwik (NE), Book Of Jazz (Bucharest, RO), Piecart (Cracow, Poland), Heliogabal (Barcelona), Untubo Siena, Jazz On The Road Brescia, Varese Jazz Club, Ricomincio Da Tre (Perugia), Firenze Jazz Festival Fringe (Firenze), Cantine Arena (Verona), Bar Borsa (Vicenza), Ortigia Jazz Festival, Musica Di Mezzanotte Rassegna Teatro Rossetti (Vasto) and many other. With Bebo Ferra Specs People (24 reviews and acclaimed 2012 recording by TUK Music, with Max Furian on drums) and with Bebo Ferra Voltage (Nicola Angelucci on drums) he performed on hammond organ in European Jazz Expo (Cagliari), Torino Fringe Festival 2012 edition and 2014 edition, Blue Note Milano, Pozzuoli Jazz Festival (with Fabrizio Sferra on drums), Bia Jazz, Otranto Jazz Festival 2011, Nuoro Jazz Festival, Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, Locomotive Jazz Festival, Laurin Jazz Bolzano, Padova Jazz Festival, L’Aquila Terre Del Sisma, Melano in Jazz (SW), Casa Del Jazz (Roma), Artusi Jazz, San Marino Jazz Festival. With the original and contemporary project Mattia Cigalini Astrea (Cam Jazz, 2015 – Nicola Angelucci on drums) he performed on piano in Fano Jazz Festival, Sovere Jazz, Circolo Jazz Verona, Casa Del Jazz Roma, Piacenza Jazz Festival, Onyx Matera Jazz Festival, Chiavari Jazz Festival, Napoli Jazz Winter. With guitarist Roberto Pianca and the O’Gallagher-Pianca quartet he had tour and gigs performing in Jimmy Glass (Valencia, Spain), AMR (Geneve, Swisse), Jazz In Bess (Lugano, Swisse), Padova Jazz Club, LAC Lugano. With Simona ParrinelloCon Alma project he played piano in Jazz Ahead (Bremen, Germany), Studio Nord Session (Bremen), Piano Haus Trübger (Hamburg), Jazzit Fest Cumiana (Torino), La Machine and Archiduc (Brussels, Belgium), Hopper (Antwerp, Belgium), Roskam (Brussels), Lucca Donna In Jazz and many other. With theNobile-Oliva project, he performed at Un Ete A Bourges (France) and several festival around Italy, including Musica di Mezzanotte in Vasto and ADGPA in Conegliano Veneto (TV) and Cannes Music Festival. He performed both as a leader and as a sideman in Blue Note (Milan), with the original projects Gianluca Di Ienno “Gliders”, Bebo Ferra “Voltage”, Bebo Ferra “Specs People” and Giovanni Falzone “Electromiles”. With Giovanni Falzone he performed in Auditorium Mahler Milano, Firenze Fringe Festival, Cernusco Jazz, Area-M, Mendrisiotto Jazz, Ancona Jazz, Pinocchio Jazz Club, Artusi Jazz, Pesaro Jazz Village, Monk Trieste, LAC Lugano, Monza Visionaria. Relevant further project as a sideman are the Franco Ambrosettihammond quartet (with Tony Arco, Gianluca Ambrosetti; Schaffhausen Jazz Festival, Jazz In Bess); Nicola Angelucci Band (with Andrea Dulbecco on vibes and Paolo Recchia on alto sax, with Rosario Giuliani, Roberto Gatto and Nico Gori featurings); Renato Podesta Trio (Ascona Jazz, Hip Jazz Club Imperial Annecy, Torino Jazz Club, Milestone Jazz Club), the beloved “side-grooving” for Davide Shorty bands and the Beppe Di Benedetto Quartet (Valdarno Jazz, Guastalla Jazz Festival, Arci Zerbini) with Michele Morari on drums and Giulio Corini on double bass.


The 2019 relevant performances have been the Blackstar Suite revisiting made by Giovanni Falzone, as a featuring concert with Giovanni Falzone and 90 elements orchestra “LaVerdi”: Gianluca has performing Falzone’s arrangements (on analog synthesizers and synth bass), with a 1200 people theater audience, in the Auditorium Mahler Milano. At the end of 2019 exciting things happened in Bremen for the Studio Nord Session (on piano), in duo with Simona Parrinello: a three sets live recording on analog tapes that will be released on vinyl for Dot Time Records. Remembering the early 2019, the gig was the Blue Note one with Bebo Ferra Voltage music (on both acoustic piano and B3 hammond). In the mid-summer and in the mid-of-the-lake Maggiore (Isola Bella), lot of unexpected shown up in the Stresa Jazz Festivalperforming with Camilla Barbarito for Musicamorfosi: we presented Beatles “Yellow Submarine”, as an extemporary performing with synthesizers and electronics. Ascona Jazz Festival with Renato Podesta Trio (on hammond organ) was great chance to meet musicians all over the world. Gianluca Di Ienno is now completing original music compositions for his project dBus and the coming music album “No Ground”, an experimental sextet combo (flute, tenor sax, trombone, guitar, keyboards, drums) around Claude Debussy’s music as a personal view about symbolism and impressionism in jazz music. This combo performed in 2015 in church Santa Maria Gualtieri in Pavia for Pavia Musica and will be performing in Atelier Musicale Camera Del Lavoro (Milano) on February 2020: the same days will be made an official recording for Mitsuhide Music / MU74 Label. His newest piano trio, Stone Of Awareness, is a project started in 2018 with Nicola Angelucci on drums and Gabriele Evangelista on double bass. It has recorded a first session in June 2019 and has got started performing in many music clubs around northern italy with a positive review of live. The trio recording will be release for MU74 Label in 2020. In 2020 Gianluca will be touring Ireland with drummer David Lyttle and young guitarist Joseph Leighton, playing also in Londonderry Jazz Festival and he will be touring in France in March, with Renato Podesta’s trio. The first Pianologues EP The Modernist will be digital released in the early weeks of 2020, for Mitsuhide Music publisher.